Shine Music Festival 2021

A look back at the bands, vendors and guests

Hakuna Matata Presents
Shine Music Festival 2021 Recap

Special thanks to Hakuna Matata Enterprises for sponsoring the second stage at Shine which showcased the talent of Float Like A Buffalo, Graham Good & The Painters, Damon Wood Band, and Bottlerocket Hurricane.
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Accessibility Note:

This page is mostly photography from the Shine Music Festival 2021. Although we have added ALT Tags for each photo, with over 1000 photos from seven photographers, listening to a screen reader may not prove to be the most enjoyable experience. If there are any bands that you would like detailed photo descriptions of, please contact us and we will be happy to provide this for you.

Shine Music Festival 2021 Highlights

Photos by Charla Harvey
Photos by Hailey Teneyck