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2024 Media Spotlights

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Shine Music Festival with Shawn Satterfield | Beyond the Stage: Revolutionizing Accessibility and Inclusion in Live Music

In this episode, we focus on accessibility and disability inclusion within music festivals. Live music can bring people together but, unfortunately, most venues and events are not inclusive for all music fans. In this episode, we talked to Shawn Satterfield, founder of Shine Music and the Shine Music Festival, an accessible music festival in Colorado. After noticing the barriers and separation people with disabilities face when attending live music events, Shawn was inspired to create a festival with all needs in mind. We discussed how Shine Music Festival works to eliminate barriers and create a space where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Listen on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.
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2023 Media Spotlight

Fest Forums: Shine Music Festival Brings Revoluntionary ADA-inclusive Festival to Denver

Shine Music Festival Brings Revolutionary ADA-inclusive Festival to Denver

On August 26th, Shine Music Festival will take over Reelworks Denver as a mecca for music lovers of all abilities. While accessibility at festivals has come to largely mean organizers creating special viewing areas for those that are handicapped, Shine has truly elevated what it means to embody allyship for ADA patrons. Rather than creating sectioned-off areas, Shine promises to create an event that allows all guests to mingle throughout the event collectively and fluidly.
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SunSquabi, Dopapod’s Neal ‘Fro’ Evans and More to Illuminate ADA-Inclusive Shine Music Festival in Denver

Alex H. Krinsky| August 17, 2023.
Today, Shine Music Festival detailed highlights ahead of its event at Reelworks Denver on Saturday, Aug. 26. SunSquabi will headline the event and Dopapod drummer Neal ‘Fro’ Evans will host the Neal Evans Fro Down for the festival’s third edition – which is flowing forward with more passion behind its good faith mission than ever before.
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Shine Music Festival Delivered a Better Experience For All

Paige Koopman| August 31, 2023
Our “good vibe” cups are overflowing after attending the Shine Music Festival at ReelWorks Denver on Saturday. This accessible festival boasted a smashing music lineup and exciting installations, drawing both a huge crowd and awareness toward true inclusivity!
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We’ll Shine At This Music Festival

Savannah Rae| August 20, 2023.
The Denver-based, ADA-inclusive Shine Music Festival is returning for its third edition on Saturday, August 26 at Reelworks Denver. This is a non-profit festival that continues its run from 2022 and will unite people of all abilities and backgrounds for a transformative live music experience.
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Denver Based ADA Inclusive Sets The Bar For All Patrons To Access Live Music.

Maria | August 19, 2023
The non-profit festival – which will follow its successful 2022 event in Civic Center Park – will unite people of all abilities and backgrounds for a transformative live music experience. 
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JSloane Creative | August 17, 2023.
By innovatively blending traditional festival structures alongside comprehensive accessibility measures and state-of-the-art adaptive technology, Shine Music Festival will offer a truly universal space where everyone can cohesively revel in the healing power of music together.
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Funkatopia | August 22, 2023

Shine Music Festival with Shawn Satterfield & Dopapod drummer Neal "Fro" Evans
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Cameron Sunkel | August 22, 2023.
The not-for-profit festival features a variety of hi-tech onsite initiatives that seek to engage and include patrons of all abilities.
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Local band excited to headline inclusive Shine Music Festival

Libby Smith| August 25, 2023
"It truly is a gift to be able to perform for people all over the place, so we try to spread the joy," Donohue explained. "We believe that music is for everybody."
Watch SunSquabi interview on CBS

Music festival creates inclusive space where they want everyone to feel welcome

For the third year in a row, the organizers of Shine Music Festival in Denver are creating an inclusive space where they hope everyone who loves music feels welcome.
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Shine Music Festival Returns for Its Third Year at ReelWorks

Aubrey Cox | August 25, 2023
Shine Music Festival, a music festival that goes above and beyond ADA requirements, is back for its third year at ReelWorks Denver this weekend with Sunsquabi, Dan Africano of Thievery Corporation and more.
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Jeffrey Marshall singing into a mic and playing harmonica

Shine Music Festival inclusive for audience, performers alike

The Shine Music Festival is all about inclusion. Organizers make the Festival accessible to all music lovers, that also includes performers
Watch CBS highlight of Jeffrey Marshall
CBS Amazing Performances at Shine Music Festival Denver

Shine Music Festival shines spotlight on accessibility.

8.28.23 | Shine Music Festival attracted music lovers of abilities.
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Shawn Satterfield sitting on a couch in CBS studios being interviewed.

Shine Music Festival intentionally accessible creating inclusion for all music lovers

CBS Channel 4 Denver is a proud sponsor of Shine Music Festival 2022. Watch the in-studio interview with Shine Music Founder Shawn Satterfield
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Shine Music Festival Lights The Way To Universal Accessibility With Cutting-Edge Adaptive Technology

James Sissler | August 17, 2023
Shine Music Festival, the world’s largest universally-designed music festival, will return to Denver later this month with state-of-the-art adaptive technology to make the event comprehensively accessible and truly inclusive for people of all abilities. Now in its third year, the one-day fest is set to take place at a new venue, Reelworks Denver, on August 26th with headliners SunSquabi and Neal Evans Fro Down featuring Neal Evans (Dopapod), Dan Africano (Thievery Corp), Felix PastoriusHarry WatersEnmanuel AlexanderNick Gerlach, and Greg Harris (Vibe Quintet).
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Shine Music Festival 2023

We’d like to bring to your attention a truly beautiful and inclusive music festival, the Shine Music Festival. Shine Music Fest is an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) inclusive event. The festival is run by a 501 c3 non-profit organization, Shine Music, headquartered in Colorado.
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2022 Media Spotlight

Ravel Radio with Shawn Satterfield, Creating powerful connection through music & accessibility

Ravel Radio: Creating powerful connection through music & accessibility

Cara Steinmann talks with Shine Music founder Shawn Satterfield on Ravel Radio
Listen to the conversation
Shawn Satterfield, Shine Music Founder, Denver City Council Proclamation Speech

August 27 - Official Shine Music Festival Day

On August 22, 2022, Shine Music received an official Proclamation from the City & County of Denver recognizing August 27 as official Shine Music Festival Day.
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Shine Music Festival Opens Up Summer Concert Experience to Everyone_CBS Channel 4 Denver

Shine Music Festival Opens Up Summer
Concert Experience To Everyone

CBS Channel 4 Denver is a proud sponsor of Shine Music Festival 2022. Watch our story with Makenzie O'Keefe.
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Full Body Sound at Shine Music Festival

A Colorado Inventor is taking music
to the next level

CBS Covering Full Body Sound's innovative device that allows Shine Music Festival attendees to experience music on a whole new level.
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Shine Music Festival breaks down barriers to live music access CBS 4 Colorado live coverage

Shine Music Festival breaks down barriers to live music access

CBS Covering Colorado First anchor Olivia Young broadcasts live from Shine Music Festival 2022 in Civic Center Park.
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Shine Music Festival 2022 Supports Inclusion & Accessibility August 27, 1-8pm, Civic Center Park, Denver,

New 'Feel the Beat' technology helps everyone enjoy music, dancing

Media sponsor CBS Colorado spotlight on Shine Music Festival's technology partner Feel the Beat.
Watch CBS News Feel the Beat Story
Autism Community Store Sensory Bus

Sensory Bus makes large
community events accessible for neurodivergent people

The Autism Community Store Sensory Bus will provide a space for Shine Music Festival neurodiverse guests navigate the large crowds.
Watch the CBS Autism Community Story
Clean Robotics Trashbotzero

CleanRobotics to Bring Accessible Recycling to Denver's Shine Music Festival

DENVER, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CleanRobotics and Shine Music are excited to announce their partnership to make recycling more inclusive and accessible at the Shine Music Festival this August 27th, 2022, at Denver’s Civic Center Park.
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303 Magazine

303 Magazine: 15 Colorado Music Festivals To Hit Up This Summer

By far the most unique festival on our list, the Shine Music Festival, according to its website, is a “radically accessible music event” that’s providing a space for disabled music lovers to rejoice in live music in a mindful space. It’s an event dedicated to empowering disabled people, who often miss out on concert experiences due to a lack of accessibility and disability accommodations.
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PRN Insight with Mark Farrell

Insight with Mark Farrell

"Persons with disabilities deserve to experience concerts and more from a more desirable venue location rather from a far away spot deemed suitable by the venue, leaving most concert goers with disabilities feeling marginalized.  The Shine Music Festival is rewriting the concert experience through creating a barrier free environment so ALL can feel the power, magic and camaraderie of live music.

Inclusion Architect and Shine Music Festival Founder, Shawn Satterfield joins Mark to share exciting details on the inception of this rare and much warranted event consisting of two stages of non-stop day long phenomenal music in a breath taking setting featuring: hi-tech sensory area, hearing impaired areas, accessible pathways galore and, they’ve even created a Shine Music Festival braille t-shirt for a tactile experience or good excuse to touch someone."
Listen to the May 28, 2021 Interview
Shine Music Festival shirts feature braille logo CBS 4 Colorado

Shine Music Festival shirts feature braille logo

CBS Channel 4 Colorado features Shine Music Festival's braille t-shirt printing partner TH!S.
Watch CBS Story with TH!S
LittleWins Lexis Serot

The LittleWins Podcast with Lexis Serot

Shawn Satterfield, the founder of Shine Music, a Colorado non-profit, and I talk about the Shine Music Festival, first of its kind - combining technology and planning to create an enjoyable live experience for people of all abilities. We talk about her personal history and why two female founders will take every “at bat” for inclusion, as well as their love for music.
Listen to the LittleWins Podcast

Shine Music Organizes Fully Accessible Music Festival

By Victoria Copans

Concerts and music festivals are coming back in full force after having been put on hold for over a year, and fans around the world couldn’t be more excited. However, these types of live experiences are, unfortunately, not very accessible to people with disabilities. Virtual concerts and events have enabled wider access, but nothing quite compares to a live show.
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Mile High Magazine

Mile High Magazine

With Melissa Moore

The Shine Music Festival is August 8th at Levitt Pavilion.  The Shine Music Festival is a fully accessible event that is enjoyable for all.  They will have technology for people who are deaf to hear the music.  They will have braille on their concert shirts.  They also have a neurodiversity area as well as an autism mobile sensory bus.  They will have 11 bands playing on two different stages with the headliners being The Score.     
Listen to Interview

Shine Music Festival Spotlights Accessibility for All

By Claire Duncombe
While music festivals have made some strides over the years in terms of accessibility, the overall level of inclusion for people with disabilities is still low. Venues can be difficult to navigate for people in wheelchairs, the volume and chaos can be tough for those with sensory disorders, and deaf fans lack ways to enjoy live music.
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303 Magazine

Shine Music Festival Aims to Make Live Music Accessible For Everyone

By Sydney Kapp

Breaking down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from attending live music events is an important task. The numerous health and wellness benefits of live music are overabundant — calming anxieties, aiding communication by stimulating and encouraging speech, improving physical skills and helping people to express and experience a variety of emotions are just a few of the many ways live music is beneficial according to Bethesda. Because of these benefits, everyone, disabled or not, can look forward to knowing that Shine Music Festival is taking place this year.
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Davis Phinney Foundation

Announcing the
Shine Music Festival

Shawn Satterfield has always believed strongly in the power of live music. It breaks down societal barriers and allows people to come together and share in the magic that is created at every show. Through a sequence of events and life experiences, Shawn realized that never before in the world has there been a music event planned purposefully to be radically inclusive of all people. Thus, the Shine Music Festival was born.
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Mindful Inspiration Champion hosted by Matt Faler, Guest Shawn Satterfield - Becoming An Inclusion Architect

Mindful Inspiration Champion: Becoming An Inclusion Architect

Mindful Inspiration Champion host Matt Faler interviews Shine Music founder Shawn Satterfield on what it means to become an Inclusion Architect.
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Send It Rising

Send It Rising host Kellen Kautzman interviews Shine Music Founder Shawn Satterfield to talk about accessibility, inclusion, purpose and all things SHINE!
Watch Send It Rising Interview
GabTalks featuring Guest Expert Shawn Satterfield Inclusion Architect & Founder of Shine Music

GabTalks Interviews Expert Shawn Satterfield

In today’s episode of GabTalks™ Success Tips from Experts, we got the chance to sit down with Inclusion Architect & Founder of Shine Music: Shawn Satterfield. As an Inclusion Architect®, Shawn’s passion is creating equitable, inclusive and accessible spaces. Shawn creates brands with a purpose, brands that inspire and support change-makers to integrate inclusion in their business. Teaching entrepreneurs and business owners to create a brand presence where everyone is represented, Shawn continues to fight for accessibility and spread awareness.
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The Video That Started It All

Cliff Woodage, a musician from Grimsby UK, played his guitar for Lacie who happens to be blind and autistic. As he places her hand on his guitar and plays and hums for her, a beautiful smile crosses her face. At that moment, the joy of music connects them in a magical way that only music can do.

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